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My primary responsibilities together with my board colleagues include:

  • Implementing strategy, providing leadership and ensuring obligations to shareholders and other stakeholders are understood and met.

  • Providing a creative and informed contribution and acting as a constructive critic in looking at the objectives and plans devised by the executive team.

  • Ensuring that there is an effective system of internal control in place, including ongoing and continuous monitoring and reporting of any compliance and reputational issues.

  • Make sure that the management of risk (market, credit, liquidity and operational) is conducted in accordance with applicable law and regulatory requirements.

  • Ensuring the board agenda provides appropriate information to facilitate discussion at the right level by the board, and additionally is forward-looking with an emphasis on strategic and oversight issues.

  • Tracking and challenging the performance of executive management, especially with regard to progress made towards achieving the company strategy and objectives.

  • Promoting a culture of openness and debate by ensuring constructive relations between all board members

  • Monitoring financial information and reviewing the overall financial condition of the company and its position as a going concern.

  • Reviewing major developments in business support lines.

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