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• I have a long and extensive experience as a Exceutive Director Luxembourg and Liechtenstein domiciled Management Companies (ManCo) and Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM). In addition to that I am also an examiner at the Institute of Directors in London.

• For 6 years I was a very successful CEO for a Luxembourg domiciled ManCo and AIFM.

• I was leading ManCo set-ups and x-border restructuring ManCo projects successfully (definition and implementation of business strategy, market entry and visibility/marketing activities, target operating model, increase efficiency, doubled AuM and number of clients, profitability, M&A analysis).

• Thus, in-depth experience of investment, operational, compliance, governance, business development, valuation and risk management matters in the life cycle of complex Real Estate/Infrastructure/Private Equity funds is given.

I have serviced in the BoD of more than 20 SICAVs, SCA, SCS and GP in Luxembourg and Liechtenstein since 2019 covering traditional and alternative asset classes (e.g. PERE, infrastructure, debt, ESG and as Conducting Officer in the ManCo of the largest sharia compliant fund in the world).

• Due to my legal education, experience as investment fund lawyer and background, appropriate knowledge of applicable Luxembourg regulations, corporate governance rules and best practice is given as well as operational know-how.

• Excellent understanding of the wider investment fund business and market and a keen awareness of the best interests of customers/investors.

• Ability to contribute to commercial and strategic discussions in a positive, constructive and thought-provoking manner.


11/1999 – 11/2001

Rechtsreferendariat (Bar exam/attorney at law)

Trier and Luxembourg (Major in tax law)

10/1998 – 09/2000

University of Wales, MBA in Finance

10/1992 – 06/1998

Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Frankfurt a.M.

Degree in law (1. Juristisches Staatsexamen) Major in tax and corporate law

Other Certificates

EcoDa European Board Diploma

Certified EFPA ESG Advisor

Assessor for Chartered Director candidates IoD London

ILA Certified Director, Luxembourg

Chartered Director, Institute of Directors, London

DiplD (SCQF Level 11), Diploma in Company Direction, Institute of Directors, London

IoD London, Certificate in Company Direction:  Role of the Director and the Board, Finance for Directors, Strategy for Directors, Leadership for Directors

ILA and PwC Board Member trainings

Certified Investment Advisor, University Hagen

EY infrastructure fund training

Certified Investment Fund Expert, ZfU, Zurich

Hedgefund Consultant, EBS, Oestrich Winkel

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